New Skins Updated 2017

18 new skins available for download and Mesh List updated.

Skins (New Mesh):
b_FantasiaDV2 b_EV1 b_KW3 b_Red4m b_Red4f b_Pink1

Skins (Recolour):
b_FantasiaDV3 b_YellowShirt b_Red3m b_Danny1 b_KW2

Heads (All new mesh):
c_Isa1 c_Annie1 c_Isa2 c_Juliet2 c_Leon1 c_Rosaline c_FantasiaDV1

Below skins has been fixed, you can re download them if you want, just replace the old files.

Mesh Fixed:
c_Peggyhui c_Julie01

BMP Fixed: