170319 Major Updates

New mesh added to download section and mesh list, waiting for better recolours.

Here is nice recolour from Watersim YMDesigns. Can be found in Gifts section.

New Replacement Object – Buyable PondDuck

All my custom objects has been updated with magic cookies, please re-download them if you want. My Chinese version site has been republished. Now I’m working new mods for Sims 3 & Sims 4, stay tune~

Hack Section Added

I have made some special hacks for Sims1, hope you enjoy them. Please read all the instruction before you use them.

No Jealousy For Stereo Dance & No Collect Child Dialog
No Jealousy For Cake Entertainer Actions
No Relationships Decay For Sims1
No Fame Decay For Superstar
No Military School & Never Get Fired
No More Prank Call Dialogs

New Skins Updated 2017

18 new skins available for download and Mesh List updated.

Skins (New Mesh):
b_FantasiaDV2 b_EV1 b_KW3 b_Red4m b_Red4f b_Pink1

Skins (Recolour):
b_FantasiaDV3 b_YellowShirt b_Red3m b_Danny1 b_KW2

Heads (All new mesh):
c_Isa1 c_Annie1 c_Isa2 c_Juliet2 c_Leon1 c_Rosaline c_FantasiaDV1

Below skins has been fixed, you can re download them if you want, just replace the old files.

Mesh Fixed:
c_Peggyhui c_Julie01

BMP Fixed: