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Replacement Objects

Nothing special with these objects, I just extract them from original .far file and make them buyalbe, no need to download if you found better replacement for these objects.

Picture Name ExpansionPack Required Price Categories Download
Bubbles Buyable Bubbles

“move_objects on” cheat code required

House Party 1 Miscellaneous – Other
StereoWall Wall Stereos At Home Hot Date 210 and 399 Electronic – Audio Downtown Black and Grey Stereo

Unleashed 459 Old Town Green and Dark Brown Stereo

Superstar 499 Superstar Brown Stereo

GardenGnome Buyable Garden Gnome Vacation 1 Miscellaneous – Other
Ingredients Buyalbe Child Magic Ingredients Makin Magic 1 Miscellaneous – Magic
MiniToadstool Mini Toadstool

“move_objects on” cheat code required

Makin Magic 1 Miscellaneous – Magic
MGPlants Magic Plants At Home Makin Magic 149 Decorative – Plants Magic Flower

199 Magic Root

MGCrystals Buyable Magic Crystal Makin Magic 1 Lighting – Other
blackroses Buyable Black Rose

“move_objects on” cheat code required

None 0 Miscellaneous – Other
StarAwards Buyable Star Awards included: Superstar Decorative – Other
Bronze Figure 99
Bronze Canister 111
Bronze Twang 121
Silver Figure 199
Silver Canister 211
Silver Twang 221
Golden Figure 299
Golden Canister 311
Golden Twang 321
The Simmy Award 555
The SimChoice Award 699
petawards Buyable Pet Awards included: Unleashed 1 Decorative – Other
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
Booby Prize
bunnyrabbit Buyable Bunnyrabbits

“move_objects on” cheat code required

Unleashed 1 Miscellaneous – Other
//c1.staticflickr.com/4/3927/33091318440_11b1f5de61_m.jpg Buyable PondDuck Vacation 1 Miscellaneous – Other

Custom Objects

Picture Name ExpansionPack Required Price Categories Download
ste_acpaintings1 My very first objects, requested by friends

These paintings never update with magic cookies
because I never use them in my game recently.
You can send me a request to add magic cookie
if you really want to have them.

Superstar 10 Decorative – Paintings
ste_Flood Non-Replacement floods, contain different heights

None 0 Miscellaneous – Others
ste_SA_Accessories The object that you can add accessories on

All accessories came from SimAccents

None 250 Miscellaneous – Wardrobe
ste_HappyPainting_NoSound Hang Me Here, Be Happy

Just view it, you get all friends,
max all interests and make all feel happy^^

None 500 Decorative – Paintings Silent Painting

ste_HappyPainting_Sandy Private Painting

ste_HappyPainting_Jeff1 Flower Fairy Painting

ste_DeadPainting Hang Me Here, Be Worry

Just an opposite with the above paintings
but still max all interests XD

None 500 Decorative – Paintings


Picture Name Price Download
ste_Rainbow Floors Rainbow Floors 10