Here is all of my recent body meshes list, this page always be updated
Some of my mesh are unavailable, because I must edit them to make these meshes or BMP look batter then put on Downloads
All of the “Yes” meshes you can download at this site.

Please contact me if you found my mesh code conflict with other creator’s mesh (must be older release than mine), I will change my mesh code, then you can re-download them to make it work again.


Sample Pictures Skin Name Normal Codes Formal Codes HighFashion Codes Winter Codes Lingerie Codes Swimsuit Codes Availability
b_Joanne2 ste_dress1 b00a Yes
Noto1 ste_Noto1 b00b Unavailable
b_Crash1 ste_crash1 b00c Yes
b_Isa1 ste_dress1 b00d h00d Yes
b_Isa2 ste_dress1 b00e Yes
b_FantasiaDV1 ste_dress1 b00f Yes
b_FantasiaDV3 ste_dress1 b00g Yes
b_Red1 ste_dress1 b00h Yes
b_Lace ste_lace1 b00i h00i Yes
b_HumanLeague_Crash_Joanne ste_dress1 b00j Yes
b_Veronica1 ste_dress1 b00k Yes
w_Winter2 ste_winter2 b00l w00b Yes
b_DressE ste_dressE1 b00m F00d h00c Yes
b_PinkFur ste_dress1 b00n Yes
b_Red2f ste_dress1 b00o Yes
b_Timi ste_dress1 b00p Yes
b_Red4f ste_dress1 b00q Yes
b_Pink1 ste_dress1 b00r Yes
b_HumanLeague_Crash_Susanne ste_dress1 b00s Yes
b_BlueStar ste_dress1 b00t Yes
Irene ste_dress1 b01i Unavailable
Charm_Daisy ste_dress1 b06d Yes
b_HumanLeague_LIATM_Susanne ste_fit1 b10a Yes
b_HumanLeague_LIATM_Joanne ste_fit2 b10b Yes
// ste_coat1 b10c Yes
b_Victoria ste_dress1 b14v Yes
b_ElizabethR ste_DressE1 b19e Yes
Stephanie Collections - B_Black1 ste_collections1 b20a h00b TSR
Stephanie Collections - B_BlueGown ste_collections1 b20b TSR
Stephanie Collections - B_Flowers ste_collections1 b20c TSR
Stephanie Collections - B_YellowSatin ste_collections1 b20d TSR
Stephanie Collections - B_CutieDress ste_collections1 b20e TSR
Stephanie Collections - B_HotPinkGown ste_collections1 b20f TSR
Stephanie Collections - B_GreenSatin ste_collections1 b20g TSR
Stephanie Collections - B_Brenda ste_Brenda1 b20h TSR
Special_Chinese1 ste_Chinese1 b30a Yes
b_KurungTraditional ste_KurungTraditional1 b30b Yes
b_KurungModern ste_KurungModern1 b30c Yes
f_Wedding1 ste_wedding1 F00a Yes
f_Wedding2 ste_wedding2 F00b Yes
f_Wedding3 ste_wedding3 F00c Yes
Welcome ste_weddingM F00e Unavailable
h_Isa2 ste_dress1 h00a Yes
w_Winter1 ste_winter1 w00a Yes
w_Winter3 ste_winter3 w00c Yes


Sample Pictures Skin Name Normal Codes Formal Codes HighFashion Codes Winter Codes Lingerie Codes Swimsuit Codes Availability
b_HumanLeague_LIATM_Philip ste_SuitE1 b00a Yes
Stephanie2006 ste_SuitE2 b00b Unavailable
h_Red1 ste_tux1 b00c F00a h00a Yes
b_DrRobert_Whoops ste_Suit1 b00d Yes
b_Jimmy_92Red ste_Suit1 b00e Yes
b_Jeff_92Red ste_Suit1 b00f Yes
b_WhiteShirt ste_Shirt1 b00g Yes
b_KW1 ste_Suit1 b00h Yes
b_KW3 ste_Suit1 b00i Yes
b_EV1 ste_Suit1 b00j Yes
b_Red4m ste_Shirt1 b00k Yes
b_HumanLeague_Crash_Philip ste_Suit1 b00p Yes
f_OriginalTux ste_original F00b Yes
w_Red1 ste_winter1 w00a Yes


Sample Pictures Skin Name Normal Codes Winter Codes Lingerie Codes Swimsuit Codes Availability
b_CC1 ste_CC1 b00a Yes